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All Products

1-Complete 4" gauge Package
We will supply the probe, display and stand.

4" Gauging Package
Complete unit display,probe& stand

Acc-Rite Mill-Pwr
Retrofit Two and three axis control

Acu-Rite LCD Mill Package
New Display and scale.

Anilam 3000-M
Retro for small machines with ball-screws

Anilam Commando
This control can be installed on most boring mills

Anilam control 4200 T
Training manual for lathe control

Degrees Option
This Option can be added to most Sony displays

High accuracy probe.

heavy duty with o-ring and lip seals ,5resolution 1/2 travel

heavy duty with o-ring and lip seals ,5resolution 4" travel

heavy duty with o-ring and lip seals ,5resolution 6" travel

heavy duty with o-ring and lip seals ,5resolution 8" travel

heavy duty with o-ring and lip seals ,5resolution 1" travel

Heavy duty with o-ring and lip seals .5um resolution 2" travel

Slim line probe 3um accuracy, .5 Resolution and .200 travel

Slim line probe 3um accuracy, .5 Resolution, .200 travel and right angle cable.

Slim line probe 3um accuracy, .5 Resolution, .400 travel

Slim line probe 3um accuracy, .5 Resolution, .400 travel, flange mount.

Slim line probe 3um accuracy, .5 Resolution, .400 travel

.1um gauging - Three different sizes

10um. resolution, 5um accuracy, A/B output.

Standard probe, 5um resolution, with and without rubber boot.

5um resolution with pneumatic pust type action.

GB-series Calibration
Setting up Magna scale products

Inch to metric boards
To upgrade old controls with new scales

Lathe Toolmex
156" Lathe with CSSL-130 scale for long travel.

LH-50 Series Liner Calibration Sheet
Instructions for field calibration

LH70 Mill Packages
New easy to install - No glass to clean

LH-70 Series Liner Calibration Sheet
Instructions for field calibration

Listing of all scale reader heads.
This list will cross ref. the Sony reader heads to the coil numbers

Manual 200M Display
Instruction and setup manual for 200 series displays

Manual for quick count
Complete Set up Manual for new style series

Metrology Display
Metrology Display

Mill Package
Two axis

Mill Package 5um Accuracy
Complete with scales and prackets

Mill Packages (Out of production)
Two or three axis system.Some parts in stock.

New display
Lots of features

New Product
Something to look at.

Our Booth
Milwaulee show 2005

Proto-Trak Edge
Two Axis Control and/or Machine.

Reader head and marker checking
Sony color code with ohm reading to locate a short.

Relay Output Display
EDM Z-axis

RS-232 Up Grade
This RS-232 data is sent on a foot switch request, Baud rates can be set.

Show Specials
We have 25 of these unit left over from a show Caliper 6"

SJ-700 Calibration
Setup a scale amp.

SL410 - Scale repair
We can re-tape your existing scales. The SL-410 is no longer sold.

Sony & 80" Caliper
Caliper with 80 inch travel.

Sony & Checking Table
42"x130" Checking table - Cut to length applaction.

Sony & Length Checking
Check-Mate 120" x 6" travel with 4 different styli.

Sony Gauge Fixture
Sony Probes installed in a 100 percent part checking fixture.

Sony GB-A
High accuracy scale, travel up to 86".

Sony LG-10
Basic display reset/ preset only

Sony LH-51
General duty display abs /inc, inch/metric, centerline and bolt circle

Sony LH-52
Lathe display with abs/inc, inch/metric & 9 tool memory

Sony LH-54
Geometric display - will find three point circles, angles, lines and RS-232.

Sony LH-61
Out of production

Sony LH-70
Sony universal display. Works with most Mfg's scales.

Sony LH-71
Reset/preset, abs/inc, memory & special calibration options.

Sony LT-10 Gauging
One or two axis - 5um resolution, pannel mounted with I/O outputs.

Sony LT-20 Gauging
One or two axis 1um resolution,with pannel mounted with I/O outputs.

Sony LTE-Counter Gauging
Multi axis units can work with up to 64 probes and hold 16 different part settings.

Sony LY-51
Sony Display with I/O outputs and RS-232C option.

Sony LY-52
Two Axis Display RS-232C interface

Sony MD10-FR
.5um detector for standard scales

Sony MD-20A
.5um Detector board with marker switch

Sony MD-21
.1um detector for GB-scales

Sony Multi- Interface Unit
Flexible digital gauging system

Sony PL81
Open collector signal

Sony PL82
5 volt TTL Signal

Sony SJ-300
Standerd accuracy scale that will work with different Mfg's displays.

Sony SJ-700
Standard accuracy scales

Sony SL-130
Scales for long travel standard accuracy.

Sony SL-331
Scale for long travel high accuracy.

Sony SL-700
Scale for both short and long travel, with ref. marks of coded option.

Sony SR-128
High accuracy scales that can be connected to other Mfg's displays.

Sony SR-33
High accuracy, ref. signal, 5 volt TTL

Sony SR-801
Scales for super high accuracy up to 130" travel.

Sony Techno Look
New from Sony

Super High Accuracy
Sold with Sony 2um scales


Transducers for hot mill
Sell and service center for repairs

Two relay outputs
This can be used as a size control for most lapping machines.

Digital Indicators - Three travel Lengths

Large machines with 4 and 6 axis readouts installed

Web special package
Two MFG one great system